Happy birthday oh cool one.

Yeah you with the cool t-shirt, cool hat and trainers and having a whale of time shooting your friends at Laserzone. Good on you, good on you for just being your fabulous self. Keep it up, your immensely proud and most uncool mother.
cool millie at 12

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  1. Tell her I say happy birthday, for what it’s worth! (My birthday was not too long ago, and I realized I like when strangers wish me a happy birthday.)


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Millie! Having a May Day Birthday is really cool! I hope you had a fabulous day, and a wonderful year to come. ( Are you 12 now? My daughter loved being 12- not quite a teenager, but definitely waaaay cooler than ten and 11 year olds!)


  3. Am catching up, sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday on the 1st of May! Wow, Love the look, especially the cool hat.


  4. You are definitely not uncool! 🙂


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