One republic.

Fair point Gruff, I think pirates in Buckingham palace would be very entertaining indeed!
one republic

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  1. His new daughter might be a princess, Gruff, but her daddy will be in charge of rescuing those more enticed by piracy , or at least shipwrecks, off the Norfolk coast. The monarchy’s moved on – there’s now room for both (and I’m betting spies too!)


  2. Hahahaha well said, Gruff


  3. I’m with Gruff. ยกNo mas reyes!


  4. Evie might LOOK like a Princess, but she might well be a spy for the pirates ( she does have a fab pirate outfit, I seem to remember). That’s the thing about spies, they’re often in disguise! (Nice little rhyme there, all free, gratis and for nothing!)


  5. Love this! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. My daughter is very much NOT the princess type. She agrees. And she wants a tshirt with this on it.


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