The hand on the beach.

We played fetch with a rubber glove that Bonnie found on the beach this afternoon. If that wasn’t strange enough, the glove had filled with wet sand so it felt like throwing a hand. (Not that I know what throwing a hand feels like)…..
We decided that it was not coming home with us but best left on the beach for someone else to rediscover….
the hand

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  1. Unique Get Together Society

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    just what i needed on a Monday afternoon made me smile thank you


  2. The mind boggles about the previous history of that glove.


  3. I love the expression on Bonnie’s face.


  4. Bonnie looks like she knows where the rest of the body is!


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    Love the drawings of Doodlemum.


  6. Medical waste is NOT a toy. I hope none of you were exposed to anything. Maybe it was a heavy kitchen rubber glove? I hope.


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