No I’m not packing my children off to a faraway country away from nasty Tories, just a little sleepover at their Auntie’s. Obviously they’re well prepared and I can see a little bit of my floor again…

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  1. Ahh… I hope they have a lovely time! A big hug from me… and for Liz too! 😄 xxx

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  2. I would very much like to run away from the nasty Tories.


  3. Thank you, Angie, for giving me something to smile at, after such a depressing day yeaterday . I hope you found some floor- try not to bash your head against it in despair!


  4. I’ve been hiding under my duvet from the nasty Tories. Are they really still there? Please tell me it’s not true!

    Scotland is amazing, I lived in Ayrshire for three years, it was so good and is even better further North, but actually it did rain an awful lot on the West cost and disappointingly did not snow very much when we were there 😦 However, there were lots of lovely rainbows!

    I like Wales even better, although have only been there on a couple of holidays, it is lovely, magical, and as hard as they try even the Tories can’t mess with such magicalness without getting very bad karma, ha!

    Am presently living in the south West of England which is not as awesome as Scotland or Wales but fortunately, at least am on the edge of gorgeous organic farmland with big hedges from behind which I can sometimes pretend that toxic governments don’t exist.

    Hope your kiddos and you have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Not all Tory supporters are nasty. Some of us are even hard working individuals who look after their families, animals and those less fortunate…and check in on the Doodle every day LOL :0)


  6. sharingthekids

    Love your sketches 🙂 x


  7. Oh dear, so sorry Fiona and other Tory supporting readers, what a sore loser I was being in my comment above. I’m afraid I am sometimes in the habit of speaking or writing first and thinking later. Some of the dearest and most loved people in my life are Tory supporters. Of course they are not all nasty.


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