Sock mountain.

Pair those socks for me Arnie, just a few to be getting on with.
sock mountain

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    There’s my sock troll…… lol


  2. I think I may have the other halves to some of the odd pairs. Unbeknown to us all socks are keen on exchange programmes and will swap half a pair at a time. It’s just a shame the sock left behind can’t provide us with a forwarding address.

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  3. I have a box we call the Home for Orphaned Socks.


  4. A game of ‘Where’s Wally’ would be easier.


  5. Sock snap! my most hated part of laundry…only good bit is that once its done…its done!


  6. Lovely, lovely socks- so much cheerier to look at than the dreary weather and even drearier conservative P.M! Thank you, Angie, for providing such a colourful distraction- sorry I can’t help to pair them up, but who said socks have to match, anyway? Don’t opposites attract in the sock world?! I used to fancy a boy like mad when I was 15, mostly because he wore
    ( deliberately, I suspect, he was a real poser), really bright, odd socks to a school where black was the standard. Throw caution to the wind ( but try not to throw out the socks or Arnie), and let your family experience the gay abandon of odd ( and odd sized) socks!


  7. We used to have a lost sock drawer. Usually did not find the missing ones.


  8. can you really ever find matches for all of those? I can’t. Ever.


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