One of my hens laid an enormous egg this morning. I haven’t cracked it open but I’m expecting a double yolker or a Jupiter sized yolk. Suggestions for meals are most welcome.

mega egg

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  1. Mini omelettes in a cupcake tin!


  2. We buy eggs from a local farm and my kids giggle at the tall, skinny ones. They think the chicken more than likely tooted when they pushed out the egg due to it’s shape… oh children!!!


  3. Keep it warm – it might be an ostrich!


  4. … mind you, if anyone happens to tell Gruff it’s a dinosaur egg, he’ll never let you cook it anyway!


  5. This is such a happy blog. So glad to have stumbled upon it. Your work is beautiful!


  6. Our friend brings us very free range eggs from his chicks- we had one last week that weighed 104 grams, beating the previous record by 10 grams! ( Not that we’re sad gits with nothing better to do, but honestly, it’s very exciting!) When my daughter was 7 or 8, I bought a goose egg from an old lady on the market, and it was so huge we made the Little pony horseshoe Birthday cake with just that egg, and very good it was, too.


  7. Oh, that poor chicken! Ouchies 😦


  8. thehipandthrifty

    Forget meals and use it in home made ice cream!!!!! Eggs make it SUPER smooth and creamy, and you will score 5 million kid-points. Trust me.


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