Pumpkin patch kid.

Gruff’s been helping me put our little pumpkin seedlings into bigger pots tonight. We’re hoping to have a sprawling pumpkin patch in our garden Like Hagrid’s garden in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
pumpkin patch kid

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  1. Excellent idea. If only you could grow little shrieking mandrakes too.


  2. grow pumpkins, grow!


  3. Oh this is perfect!


  4. You need a field for growing pumpkins. We grew 2 in our back garden, many years ago, and they trampled / smashed ( they were pumpkins, after all), everything in their wake. We gently carved faces into their tiny bodies ( I know, mutilation etc, etc), and named them Hensa and Horsa (Norse/ Saxon/ gaelic warriors, maybe?). It was great fun watching them grow…into huge, scary disembodied beasts!


  5. I love this illustration – it’s lovely, really captures a moment.


  6. Careful, you might attract a Hippogriff 😉


  7. great! very interesting and artistic.


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