Evie’ wobbly tooth…

It’s a proper sticky-out wobbler. It won’t budge, even though the new tooth is busy descending into place.
Evie mc phee

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  1. Awww God Bless her… but I hope she is viewing it as a future investment with the tooth fairy. 😉 xxx


  2. My youngest daughter had a Nanny McPhee tooth just like it. For months! As soon as it fell out she had a fully restored perfectly toothy smile again. Well, until the next one fell out that is. Now she’s developing the bunny look.


  3. Sometimes the old tooth pushes the new one into a bad position. I’d check with the dentist…braces are very costly and no fun 🙂


  4. My 8 year old had that happen and ended up with a shark tooth for a while and now that tooth is in a hillbilly position. The dentist is keeping an eye on it but suspects there’s orthodontistry in his future.


  5. My daughter has the same thing, except on the bottom. The new tooth is growing in way behind the old one (I think we’re in for braces someday). And my daughter is super sensitive about wiggling the loose one. I am trying to think up a plan to pull it out at night while she is sleeping…


  6. I’m assuming she’s had a nice crispy, crunchy apple or carrot? I think the Tooth Fairy ought to start saving up!


  7. If it’s not out soon, see your dentist. Poor Evie must be very uncomfortable.


  8. Love all of your illustrated posts! They are unique, yet simple. Awesome!


  9. How’s Evie’s toothy-peg…has it finally come out , or did the dentist do it for her? I hope the Tooth fairy hasn’t been cleaned out!


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