Evie is now a Brownie and I’ve just sown on her first few badges tonight. I’d like to say that my passion for creating things extends into needle and thread.
It doesn’t.
I have a very sore thumb to prove it but I will have one happy Brownie in the morning.

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  1. Nothing makes me swear more than seeing badges on.


  2. i enjoy seeing your doodles ^_^


  3. I’ll send you a sailmaker’s palm.


  4. I never quite understood why Brownies didn’t have to sew on their own ruddy badges, at ruddy Brownie meetings, especially when ironically, they used to do a needlecraft or similar ruddy award.( Yes, my daughter was a Brownie, and incidentally, I love sewing, but not the badge variety. With name tapes, I used my machine- my daughter is now 29, and still has a towel ( with her ruddy swimming badges on!) and a pinny, with machine sewn name tapes, which I stitched on for, you guessed it…Brownie camp! The apron strings have been replaced, it is very faded, but it is still in active service, with no chance of anyone ever stealing it!)


  5. Maybe Evie needs to work for a sewing badge? Then she can sew her own badges on. A matter of pride at having sewn one’s own badges on. Possibly…


  6. sandy williams

    Time to discover iron-on wonder web!


  7. yellowmellowlife

    i love your doodles so so much doodlemum!


  8. Great artwork. What benefits do you see by getting your daughter to join Brownies?


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