Sewing…part two.

Oh for pity’s sake I sewed the flippin’ badges on the back of the sash!
Off they come…
sewing part two

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  1. I sense your frustration in your words and your drawing.


  2. Tragedy! Sewing the badges on is the absolute worst chore ever.


  3. Oh I feel your pain, I’ve sown air cadet badges on and was told they were 2 ml out of place! May have used stronger words than flipping.


  4. thehipandthrifty

    Oh, just call it a fashion statement…if anyone raises a brow, you can just say, “What? You don’t sew them on backwards? All of the other Brownies have been doing that. My daughter begs me.” 🙂


  5. Maybe Evie could sew them on herself as part of being a brownie? I know my sisters & I did this !!


  6. Oh God, I’m killing myself laughing at this! Why don’t you just chuck the whole ruddy lot out of the window?!..Or, you could have kept them on, in the wrong place, to demonstrate just how unsuited you are to the task, and shame Evie into doing it herself! (My Mum used to say that sometimes it doesn’t pay if people know you can do something, they’ll keep asking you to do it. If you mess up, they won’t!)


  7. Dont feel bad, I sewed half a shirt the wrong way once before I realized where I messed up. These are the little crafting moments that make life interesting. This is always why they say “As you sew, so shall ye rip” hehehe


  8. shoeshinebright



  9. i love your illustrations ❤


  10. The amount of times that i have attached these badges and then had to unpick them because they are situated in the wrong place is ridiculous. I hate sewing, not my best attribute. Loving your blog. Look forward to seeing more sketches. Thank you


  11. I feel ya… these badges drive me bonkers.


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