I bumped my arm today and it really hurt.
You’re lined up at the bottom of the stairs, aiming for the top step, teddy in hand and the throw has already been made in your head.
You take aim.
You hit the bottom banister as hard as you can with your forearm.

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  1. Did Teddy make it? To see him bouncing back down the stairs too would have been the pits!


  2. Totally know this one! Puppy is always downstairs when she should be up! Ouch!


  3. To quote Hugh Grant – “F*ckety-f*ckety-f*ck!” 😦


  4. Ouch! I have been there. So not fun.


  5. Teddy wanging? We use wellies in Kendal! I only learned to drive in my mid thirties, and attempted to drive my daughter to Brownies. I stalled at a busy junction, and started to swear out of nervous panic.. My 8 yr old daughter’s shocked response was…”Mummy, please don’t swear, I have to listen to language like that all day in the playground!”


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