If I can’t have it…

…then no one will.

Another tennis ball bites the dust.

if i cant

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  1. I love the forlorn pout on the dog on bottom right.


  2. I love all of your doodles more so because they are about your real life and family. I have always wanted to ask you what is your process when you doodle. Like do you draw them first then color them in? What kind of pen and paper do you use? How long does it take you to complete a doodle?

    Thank in advance for answering my questions!


    • I use moleskine sketchbooks normally the A5 or A6 sizes. I draw directly onto the pages, sometimes I make mistakes, I keep going until I’m happy with what I have wanted to say and then I’ll use some brush pens to mark out colour or tone. Time is always irrelevant when you’re drawing, just enjoy the process no matter how quick or slow 🙂


  3. This is really cute.


  4. Or rather…” Another tennis ball is bitten to dust….by Bonnie!” Honestly, Bonnie, that is very immature behaviour- how on earth will Wales ever produce a Wimbledon winning pooch if you carry on like that?!


  5. domesticdutycalls

    It seems to be the frisbees that take a hit at our house!


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