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When I get home…

when i get home

Here comes the sun.

I look back on these posts in the winter with longing. Bonnie just lives the moment, happy in the sun.
here comes the sun

Mini eggs.

Well the young hen who laid one of the biggest eggs I have ever seen decided to have a break from laying for a bit, (I don’t blame her).
She has resumed laying but has taken a step forward for chicken emancipation and decided I can only have tiny little minuscule eggs from now on.
They are so cute though, not sure how many I’d need to make a cake. Any guesses?

mini eggs

A Rainbow.


The first strawberry of 2015…

…from our garden and cut into five pieces. Tasty for all of a brief second.
first strawberry of 2015

Out of order.

out of order

Bonnie’s football.

We have to keep Bonnie’s ball under lock and key when we’re not with her or otherwise it would be in bits very quickly. She found the old battered thing during a recent trip to the park and it was love at first sight. Luckily she seems to know to stay away from Gruff’s ball…for now…


Spot the ball.

Somebody booted the football a little too high and the tree has eaten it…
spot the ball

Grandpa’s beach.

Myles’s Dad had always talked about a secret beach that was on the Gower. It was never busy as you had to walk a fair distance to reach it.
We had one failed attempt walking over the cliffs from Pennard but turned back.
So today on Father’s Day we walked from Caswell Bay along the coastal path and found Grandpa’s beach.
It didn’t disappoint. Happy Father’s Day.
pwll du


This is Rio, my kid’s school mascot. Rio is a blue raven and is teaching the school kids about their rights as children.
I promised Rio he could make an appearance on Doodlemum as he has told me how well travelled he is!


Nothing like a play in the park after school.
park boy


Crocheted by Grandma, this is blanket. It is Bonnie’s special thing.
Blanket gets arranged lovingly around her crate by Bonnie to make a handy pillow, (yes my dog likes a pillow).
Blanket is always brought out when we return home to great us.
Blanket smells, of dog.
But blanket is loved.

RIP Butter.

Evie discovered Butter’s body on Sunday morning. She was outside and showed no sign of attack, she’d even laid her egg. Only just a year old too. Poor Evie was really upset (and it was one of the females we’d hatched out last year).
She’ll be missed.
rip butter

This mummy can…

…run 13.1 miles in two hours and thirty two minutes! It was quite a warm sunny day for Swansea so I’m very happy with my first attempt at a half marathon! Having Myles and the whole family shouting for me at the finish line was very emotional and lovely!
Thank you for all the messages of support, I carried them round with me with my little stash of jelly beans and water.
Thank you to all who kindly donated, it means so much, off to hobble over to the kitchen to make packed lunches for tomorrow now.
this mummy can

Flying Sat navs.

That’s me told, thanks Evie.


No not me!
One of my chickens is broody at the moment so I have to go in at various points throughout the day, (when one of the other hens has laid her egg) and remove the poor hysterical thing away from her adopted clutch.
It’s been a month now…
broody ninja

The waiting game.

From green to orange to red. My mouth’s watering thinking about it.







Yes the sun has finally come out and yes, it’s sun cream time. Oh joy…
sun cream boy

Here’s Bonnie…

One obliterated cat flap, care to explain Bonnie?

heres bonnie

If you build it…

…birds will come.

if you build it

What’s my age again?

Gruff has been very excited about his Dad’s birthday this year. So much so, he’s plastered his card with the magic number…

birthday dad

She’s running again.

For the past few months I have been training hard for my very first half marathon.

I’ll be running the Swansea Half Marathon on the 14th June in memory of our Grandpa and Myles’ Dad, Ernie Stevens who recently passed away.

I’ll be running for Cancer Research and I’ll have Doodlemum written on my vest, so if you see me, give me a thumbs up, as I’ll need it! So far I’ve ran twelve miles in my training so I’m hoping I can bag my first ever half marathon at aged 41. Here’s my link if you’re interested in sponsoring me.

Not sure if I’ll take my sketchbook with me yet though…

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