No not me!
One of my chickens is broody at the moment so I have to go in at various points throughout the day, (when one of the other hens has laid her egg) and remove the poor hysterical thing away from her adopted clutch.
It’s been a month now…
broody ninja

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  1. Oh no! We had a broody hen last summer and I looked all over the internet and asked friends for help. We gave her a cold bath, removed her from the nest constantly. Finally, my husband constructed a “broody breaker” which is just a wire mesh cage that rests on bricks (anything to keep the air flowing underneath). We put her in there, gave her food and water and she was cured in 2 days. What happens is that whatever set her hormone levels off, also made her body temp go up. If you can bring the body temp down long enough, the hormone levels also change accordingly. Hope this info helps! Good luck!


  2. I just got done house sitting for a friend & spent a week with her chickens! I want some now! Check out my latest blog post with my new vlog! They’re in there!!


  3. hey check out


  4. I have a broody bantam in one pen, and a broody Wyandotte (my largest bird) in the other … both for well over a month now … how do they keep it up for so long?!


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