Flying Sat navs.

That’s me told, thanks Evie.

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  1. Guess again Evie. 🙂

    Echelon flying, taking turns at the point, ensures that each goose spends most of its time in the slipstream of the others, thereby saving physical effort in a long flight. To appreciate the principle, watch a cycling team time-trial…

    They adopt a tight, single-line echelon, every rider doing a stint at the front, then slipping away to the left and rejoining the rear of the echelon (ignore the fact that the cyclist teams drop two of their slower riders by the end of the race – that has to do with rules and tactics of the sport).

    If you have a chance to watch a skein of geese for a long time, you will notice that the lead goose you first see does not keep its position. They make fascinating watching.


  2. There is a wonderful piece of writing:
    which explains the whole thing, and how it applies to the human state.
    I guess Evie may have been watching Earthflight, which is being repeated each afternoon on BBC2


  3. They also make a terrific amount of noise, whilst playing “Follow the Leader”!


  4. Sooo nice art… Great talent… ♥ ☺


  5. That’s what I need! An arrow!:0)


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