This mummy can…

…run 13.1 miles in two hours and thirty two minutes! It was quite a warm sunny day for Swansea so I’m very happy with my first attempt at a half marathon! Having Myles and the whole family shouting for me at the finish line was very emotional and lovely!
Thank you for all the messages of support, I carried them round with me with my little stash of jelly beans and water.
Thank you to all who kindly donated, it means so much, off to hobble over to the kitchen to make packed lunches for tomorrow now.
this mummy can

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m from US, mother from Powys….went with her to visit family in Brecon a few years ago. My cousin picked us up at Heathrow and drove us to uncle in Brecon. Our next trip, I walked around to right door of the car and she said with twinkling eyes, “Oh, are you driving then?” I can just hear your little one in that beautiful accent. Makes my heart happy. Love your drawings and your blogs!


  2. Congratulations my love, I knew you could do it! Well done! Big Hug! S. xxx


  3. Wonderful time, specially for a first- Bravo.


  4. “No, I didn’t “win” it, I damn well near killed myself to earn it!” Well done Angie, you should be very proud of yourself. Please would you send the just giving ( or whatever site you used) link, if I am not too late to donate a paltry sum ? (not a poultry sum, you understand!) x


  5. Or… I got it in exchange for my sole(s!)


  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement and a shiny medal, too! You go, girl!


  7. Congratulations! Definitely time for tea! 🙂


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