RIP Butter.

Evie discovered Butter’s body on Sunday morning. She was outside and showed no sign of attack, she’d even laid her egg. Only just a year old too. Poor Evie was really upset (and it was one of the females we’d hatched out last year).
She’ll be missed.
rip butter

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  1. Sending hugs xx


  2. Oh no, that’s terrible- poor Evie having to discover her.x


  3. Oh! 😦 Sometimes hens do simply ‘drop’ … sad for the children, esp your own hatch. I’m so sorry xx

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  4. Loosing a hen is always hard


  5. Awww…we lost a year old hen this spring too. She looked peaceful, so I think it was just her time. It happens.


  6. Sad news. Do you know what happened? Hope Evie is okay xxx 😘


    • She just dropped dead from what I can see, no evidence of lice or mites, crop felt ok too and vent was clear. She’s even laid an egg that morning. Not a mark on her. The other hens are ok (I hope).


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