Out of order.

out of order

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  1. Oh yes. That’s me too

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  2. cvnadagroup2017

    good pos


  3. We all have days like that. Have some wine, go to bed and tomorrow won’t seem as bad.


  4. “Out of order?”….. as in a broken down lift?! Oh dear, I am sorry. J hope the above remedies ( alcohol, sleep and rest), restore you to your usual fully functioning Fabulous Female Self!


  5. At least the cat has come to sympathise with you…. and have a dozing companion! Hope the batteries recharge quickly! 🙂


  6. Those days are rough. I hope tomorrow everything is back to normal.



  7. Today I just feel like that….:(


  8. This is me and my toddler today! Looking at the sunshine out of the window and hoping to feel better soon….


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