The first strawberry of 2015…

…from our garden and cut into five pieces. Tasty for all of a brief second.
first strawberry of 2015

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  1. There’ll be plenty more in time for Wimbledon. 🙂


  2. Please don’t say you got the stalky bit! Listen, t might only be one strawberry, but that’s 100%more successful than I’ve been with growing them this year!


    • Haha yes I did have the stalky bit! These are the plants off the runners produced by last year’s plants. I stuck them to over winter in one of my veg beds and they’re enjoyed all the chicken manure I threw on the bed throughout the winter. I have some enormous strawberries but we have to be quick as the wood louse are trying their best to eat them too.


  3. I love this. I’m wondering how big this strawberry was?


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