Mini eggs.

Well the young hen who laid one of the biggest eggs I have ever seen decided to have a break from laying for a bit, (I don’t blame her).
She has resumed laying but has taken a step forward for chicken emancipation and decided I can only have tiny little minuscule eggs from now on.
They are so cute though, not sure how many I’d need to make a cake. Any guesses?

mini eggs

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  1. Well, you usually put mini eggs on top of the cake, as decoration!

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  2. cvnadagroup2017

    great pos


  3. My Mum-in Law used to weigh the eggs in their shells, then add the same weight of butter, sugar and flour- I used this method once to make a Birthday cake with a massive goose egg, but then it weighed approx 140gm-maybe you’ll be making a single fairy cake?!


  4. I always weigh the eggss: for a Victoria sponge, the weight of sugar, fat and flour should EQUAL the weight of the eggs in their shells. That way, the cake ingredients are always in the correct proportions.


  5. I’m with vivinfrance I would weigh the number of mini eggs in their shells and then use the same weight of sugar, fat and flour. Happy baking :o)


  6. My mum would always use 6 of our little eggs if the recipe called for 4. But weighing seems safer. My mother’s cakes were always perfect though!


  7. My kids and I follow your blog every time you post. I have an aspiring artist who just loves your artwork. However, our very favorite drawings are of your chickens. We have chickens too and your pictures capture the spirit of what it means to own them. My daughter still says that her all time favorite drawing was the one of you breaking the ice out of the hens’ water fountain. We’ve done that ourselves plenty of times!


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