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Night watch.

I know I’ve done this one so many times but this cat always makes a beeline for Gruff’s bed. He woke in the early hours after a bad dream. Luckily he had a happy purring machine to soothe him back off to sleep.
The pillow was quite happily shared, there was no scratching nor biting (from either party).
bed buddies

It cometh…

…the harbinger of lego doom, fear me!

Tall enough for eggs.

Gruff has grown a full inch since April this year which means he can now lift the lid to the nest boxes, reach his hand in and feel for an eggs. Hopefully he won’t get a grumpy peck!
tall enough for eggs

Welcome to July.

No don’t bother, don’t even look outside, turn back now. Go and curl up somewhere warm and dry.
july 2015


You all know how much of a sucker I am for a hat and I know they’re out of season but these hats were far too cute to turn down!
stripey ahts

New pillow…

…now owned by the cat…
new pillow cat

Libraries gave us power…

…robot power. Great picking books when you’re five and obsessed with robot graphic novels.
book boy

The best bit about baking…

…is licking the bowl clean! My lot love to taste the cake mixture, you know you’re going to get a good cake when it tastes good.
cake mix


Hard life, isn’t it Arnie?

New pillow…

new pillow

Let the summer holidays commence…

schools out 2015-1

Flying fur and ants.

Arnie is moulting at the moment and his fur has been happily taking to the breeze today along with thousands of flying ants. A lovely combination don’t you think?
flying fur

Nearly there.

The countdown is on until the last day of school before the summer holidays. It’s been a long time coming for Millie.
nearly there


Evie’s got an ugly bug ball at school tomorrow so she set me the task of making her a Giant Mayalasian Shield Mantis costume…

Engage pudding belly.

Normal bellies get full after dinner but my children have an extra special belly they can activate at the push of a button. The pudding belly.
The pudding belly miraculously comes into action especially after a not so very nice meal is half eaten…
pudding belly

The rocket.

We bought a rocket stomper for the kids, turns out the dog is it’s biggest fan!
stomp rocket


This worm is lucky, it was gently placed in our vegetable bed and not into the beak of an eager chicken.

Our new addition…

…to the family. Meet Sparkles, the stick insect. Evie has spent all evening talking to her in her room. She’s quite smitten with her.

Still life with tennis ball.

Wimbledon is upon us, don’t think I fancy your chances as a ball dog Bonnie, you don’t give them back…
stilll life with ball

To bedtime and beyond.

not tired

Water hole.

It never fails to amaze me how Arnie likes to drink out of Bonnie’s water bowl and how Bonnie is always happy to let him. She never growls at him, she knows who the boss is in this house.
bonnie and arnie and the water bowl

Sun burnt.

I took the kids camping for the weekend and unfortunately, we all got sunburnt. I did use sun cream but the sun was unusually strong for Wales yesterday.


No one will find me here, I am the hide and seek genius…
hide and seek and being very quiet

Give a chicken a strawberry…

…and stand well back, it gets nasty! STRAWBERRY

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