Sun burnt.

I took the kids camping for the weekend and unfortunately, we all got sunburnt. I did use sun cream but the sun was unusually strong for Wales yesterday.

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  1. Awww… OUCH! Plenty of after-sun cream I think now Mum don’t you… 😉 xxx


  2. I had many burns as a child…what with my light skin and red hair…so I know how it feels…My Grandmother had a Great remedy…I did not appreciate it as a child so much because of the smell…she would soak light towels (tea towels) in cider vinegar and lay them on our skin. It did take the sting of the burn away, and helped it go away faster…it was Stinky, but it worked.
    You have a Great Blog, and I look forward to each post…Keep up the Great work…You are very talented…and You have been Heard!


  3. The Laughable Cheese

    Sorry to hear that.


  4. there are so many products available nowadays. but choosing the right one is not that easy. even though the manufacturers are trusted by many. i think our sun now is very strong that no matter what you apply, we can still have burns after. the right thing to do is not to over exposed ourselves to it.


  5. OUCH! That looks really sore. Yogurt is another messy but effective cooling / healing remedy for sun burn x


  6. We are Wales :D, to be fair it is very unusual to even have sun :P. Love your blog!


  7. OUCHouchouchouch…Poor you!


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