Our new addition…

…to the family. Meet Sparkles, the stick insect. Evie has spent all evening talking to her in her room. She’s quite smitten with her.

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  1. My daughter did the same when our hermit crab came home. Nice doodle.


  2. That is so cute haha. When I was a little girl a cricket landed on me and I screamed and cried for an hour, now I have a fear of them. I wish I learn’t to embrace our insect friends at a young age.


  3. Look, I know you wouldn’t tell lies, and Evie wouldn’t spend an evening talking to a load of leaves ( would she?!), but I’m blowed if I can see Sparkles! They are masters/ mistresses of disguise- a friend’s son had one, and it took him three days to realise the ruddy thing had escaped- he just thought it was well camouflaged and shy!


  4. I remember fostering a stick-insect as a child, they make very cool pets. Sparkles is a brilliant name!


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