Engage pudding belly.

Normal bellies get full after dinner but my children have an extra special belly they can activate at the push of a button. The pudding belly.
The pudding belly miraculously comes into action especially after a not so very nice meal is half eaten…
pudding belly


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  1. Not just kids! We call it the dessert pocket.

  2. My husband taught my kids to do that and now he’s teaching the grandkids!

  3. That is wonderful! I love your drawing!

  4. That’s why we have belly buttons- to activate the pudding belly- shame we don’t have 4, like cows! My daughter and I have a policy on the very rare occasions we go out for a meal- we always have pudding first “just in case” we get full on the boring stuff!

  5. Geraldine taught me that there’s different boxes in your stomach. Yeah, uh huh, finish your food.

  6. Very cute. I get the “I’m not hungry for dinner but I’m hungry for dessert” all the time.

  7. Your illustrations literally are the most charming I have come across for a while. I love your free, yet definate little lines and hints of colour and shade. Also, i’m pretty sure the pudding belly never leaves. I know mine is still fully active!

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