The best bit about baking…

…is licking the bowl clean! My lot love to taste the cake mixture, you know you’re going to get a good cake when it tastes good.
cake mix

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  1. I remember doing this too 🙂


  2. One of my brothers would never, ever eat cooked cake- but he would eat the whole bowl of raw mixture if you let him! (yes, yes, I know about salmonella, but none of us ever caught it).Is that the Marvellous Millie, holding the bowl for her younger, stripy socked siblings? What a sweetie!


  3. I am love your doodles. My brothers and sisters and I would race to get the mixing bowl after mom had poured the batter in the pan. If dad didn’t beat us to it we got to share and there were a lot of us.


  4. I love licking the bowl esp if it’s chocolate cake 🙂 Your cartoons are really good , your very talented. Would you mind taking a moment to have a look at my blog :


  5. Yuuum! The batter is sometimes even better than the cake!


  6. Yummy xx

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  7. Yes ! My children like to help bake cakes but even more to lick thebowl and spoon!


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