Welcome to July.

No don’t bother, don’t even look outside, turn back now. Go and curl up somewhere warm and dry.
july 2015

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  1. Oh I know love! Still… it’s almost August… and we can still hope for better yet… 😉 xxx

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  2. Yup, raining heavily in Cumbria….yesterday, we had two hours without rain, and it felt very pleasant…for October! On the bright side, I haven’t had to buy any sun screen this year!

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  3. It’s been too warm over here. We celebrate rain, but not recently.


  4. Depressing innit. It’s been like a bleak, dark November day up here in Newcastle! Kids have cabin fever after 2 solid days. Hundreds of pounds worth of toys but all I can hear is ‘I’m boooored’


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