Tall enough for eggs.

Gruff has grown a full inch since April this year which means he can now lift the lid to the nest boxes, reach his hand in and feel for an eggs. Hopefully he won’t get a grumpy peck!
tall enough for eggs

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  1. Lovely drawing. Such growth is expensive in shoes and jeans.


  2. Little chap! I don’t keep hens myself but regularly looked after some for a neighbour when they went on holiday. The excitement I experienced lifting the lid and seeing the eggs was quite unexpected. Picking them up to discover their warmth was the second surprise. It was magic! You’ve captured it perfectly. Gruff must love this task and now that my neighbour is too poorly to keep hens, I realise that I’ve missed doing it. Thank you for a lovely reminder. Great drawing 🙂


  3. I love all your drawings, but never having had a boy, I particularly love watching Gruff grow up and explore the world. Such a sweet, enthusiastic little boy, and you always capture his experiences so beautifully. This is delightful, thank you. x


  4. Fabulous! i have my own “Gruff” and he’s just beginning to learn the joy/responsibility of farm chores.


  5. Wow! You have an amazingly fun filled style of drawing! I love it! Gruff reminds be of my younger brother Zak! Always full of curiosiity and adventure!


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