Night watch.

I know I’ve done this one so many times but this cat always makes a beeline for Gruff’s bed. He woke in the early hours after a bad dream. Luckily he had a happy purring machine to soothe him back off to sleep.
The pillow was quite happily shared, there was no scratching nor biting (from either party).
bed buddies

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  1. We do not have indoor animals, but I’ve told my husband that if he ever passes away, I will get a big indoor cat named Sebastien and will sleep with him. My hubby goes, “You’ll replace me with a cat?” and I said, “Would you rather I got another man?”


  2. Bliss! Our old cat Teddy used to reach the top of the pillow by walking over the head or face of the person already asleep there. Many times one or other of us would be woken up by a foot in the ear as he passed by. I do miss him and love this drawing as well.:-)


  3. Ahh, this is so sweet. I hope there were no fleas, either! Sweet dreams tonight Gruff, with or without Arnie x


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