Things to do on holiday. Part two.

Use up all of the kitchen foil and glue and become a very shiny robot.
robot girl

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  1. A fun idea! Next she’ll be into the Christmas lights!


  2. You don’t buy foil to actually use in the kitchen, do you?! When I was a child, and an avid Blue Peter fan, we never had any sticky back plastic for their makes, but the two materials we could rely on having were loo rolls and foil. Even now, I like to make sure we have plenty of both “just in case 30 kids need them, without warning”, as my husband sarcastically remarks! At least it’s not Chrimbo yet, or you would really be stuffed ( even if your turkey wasn’t!)


  3. I remember a time when my elder daughter made a complete duck outfit from sugar paper we had around the place, so inventive! Wish I could find the pictures … she wanted us to keep it, but it collapsed as soon as she removed it …


  4. We used all ours up to build a space shuttle. Best fun ever!


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