Babies, babies, babies.

I have three children. I never wanted children when I was in my twenties. I was very set against the thought of being responsible for another life when I was so completely rubbish at my own.

But I changed my mind, I think my mum’s death when I was twenty seven played a major part in that decision.

So came Millie, then Evie and then Gruff and my world turned inside out, upside down and booted me out of my own little comfort sphere of just me myself and I.

I don’t think I would be drawing as much if I didn’t have them!

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  1. Children certainly are inspiring… although in my case, more inspiring strong words than awesome sketches. Must have gone wrong somewhere 😉


  2. When I had my oldest son my world changed and has filled my world with magic


  3. I truly understand you, even i was a young mum by choice. But i am telling my daughter now, that she has to think carefully if she ever really wants kids, but i think, she will one day. And my only niece, alsof thought about it for a long long time, and from here on… i may tell the world about is, she is pregnant! In marcht 2016 the first baby after my daughter will come into our small family, we are all so exited!



  4. It looks like your choices have made you happy—your pictures suggest to me a real and vibrant, happy home!


  5. Great post! Lovely drawings as ever 🙂


  6. lovely story! I love your illustrations and your style! ❤


  7. Very creative out of this world and sending the message home


  8. Dancing because you’ve had some SLEEP…yes, I remember that feeling! I also remember when I was 16 or so,telling a friend who was desperate to have a large family, that her life would be one big laundry pile- so glad to see Arnie has been enjoying your laundry pile for such a long time!


  9. I have two beautiful children/whirlwinds. I’d love another one but in this house three would definitely be a crowd!


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    please and thank you


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