Back to school.

Off they go after another whirlwind summer of wellies, camping and not knowing what weekday it was. Inches taller, me poorer and the house looking like an explosion in a toy factory.

I hope to see some smiles this afternoon when they all return…

school time

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  1. So sad the holidays are over…but at least they still get to wear stripey socks to school! I hope you’re not feeling lonely with a quiet ( but messy ) house x


  2. Yayyy schooool


  3. My youngest is off to uni. I’m guessing the ‘home from school time’ is when I’ll miss him and his brother the most.


  4. The explosions will never stop until the kids move out. I’ve come to accept this fact lol.
    Whether they come home happy, mad, or a bit sad, I’m just glad that they returned home in one piece. #Dailyblessings


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