Total recall.

Bonnie has selective recall. This means she comes back when SHE wants to and not when I want her too.

This also means if something rancid and rotten has caught her eye and she wants to eat it, there is no force on Earth, no amount of bellowing, screaming, pleading and begging that will bring her back to me until she decides in her doggie wisdom to do so.

Then she will happily bound back to me as if nothing was wrong, leaving me looking like the park banshee (again)…

total recall

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  1. Yep, we have a staffie who likes to roll in disgusting things. She keeps getting up to see how far away her shrieking owners are and thinks, “Nah, I can get another few wiggles in”. Nothing will recall her once she’s on the trail of something rotten. Afterwards she acts as if she’s wearing “Seduction” and happily trots along with us while we gag over her reekiness –
    grrr! The worst was the dead dolphin at the beach…..


  2. Can’t argue with doggie wisdom!


  3. ROFLMAO Our pets, so cute and mostly, a pain in the ass, and i only got one cat to live with ๐Ÿ˜‰



  4. My two dogs do the same, when they enter their water bubble I could die at heir feet without they notice…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Help me remember, my husband says, just why we HAD to get a dog…???? Lovely–hmmm,–is that the right word???—post!


  6. Nothing nicer than rotten fish to roll about in, but hey, she’s looking at you with adoration! (Let’s face it, kids/ blokes will run off/ roll around in /with much worse, but don’t always come back looking pleased to see you! )


  7. Oh yes – I can empathize with this!


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