Grubby toes.

Toes are happiest when let out to free range in grass, mud or especially sand. Enjoy being grubby little toes, you’ll soon be back in socks.


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  1. Lol. Love the illustration x


  2. My kids have been so feral all summer that all four complained their shoes were painful when they had to put them on for school last week. I quite agree with the sentiment of your drawing.


  3. I am a new fan of your blog. Love the drawing and your words that say everyday things in such a special way. 🙂


  4. At least they will be in stripy socks, and if your children keep on growing, I’m sure there will be a few socks with holes in, for added ventilation!


  5. I bet you’ve heard this a million times before but I just had to tell you how much I love all of your doodles, they kind of remind me of the illustraions we had in all those Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books, it just takes me back to back to my childhood…. Thank you!


  6. Elizabeth Israel-Davis

    I’ve enjoyed your art so much over the years! I love your focus on small moments. It’s really where it’s at for me. This drawing made me think of a poem I wrote in high school. It’s quite silly and you need to think in your best American accent for parts of it to flow. It can by no means repay all the joy your drawings have brought me but I hope it gives at least a little smile.

    Toes have no foes.
    They never quote prose.
    They sometimes wear clothes – namely socks.

    Me, I prefer unfettered toes,
    toes that are just free to be.
    With no silk or cotton or potatoes au gratin,
    just toes frolicking in the breeze.

    But when the wind begins to sting,
    my toes must be covered up, poor things!

    I comfort them and say, “Be patient.
    Some day you will again be naked.”

    I quiet them with gentle talks
    ’bout soft, warm grass for future walks.

    They listen very calm and still,
    especially my little Bill.

    We snuggle down quite happily,
    my exhibitionist toes and me.


  7. Your drawings are delightful.


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