From dinosaurs to big cats, Evie’s other great love is getting dressed for a party. The bigger and swishier the dress, the better! She’s spent most of the afternoon creating mini tornadoes from the vast amount of air current generated from spinning around for so long…

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  1. Swishing, spinning, twirling and whirling- such fun! (I’m not averse to a (home made from scarps) long swirly skirt, myself! Wishing you more swishing, dear Evie! xx


  2. Nothing better than plenty of swishing in a pretty, swishy dress! Have fun at the party Evie! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Awww, my daughter would call that a “twirly” dress, it would insist it be worn with “clappy” shoes. Sweet memories……………….


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