Little Miss Bump.

Evie learnt what chairs do when you lean back on them today. We have a nice imprint of a radiator on the back of her head…ouch.
little miss bump

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  1. Ooo gosh her poor little head… aah…I hope she’s feeling better very soon. Big hug. x


  2. How well you catch expressions and emotions with economy of line.


  3. OUCH! It’s a rotten lesson to learn, but let’s face it, we’ve all done it once, and some of us, twice! Poor Evie, I’m glad Arnie is on hand as team physio! xx


  4. Oh…ouch poor Evie, I hope her poor head feels better soon. Arnie’s face looks so full of sympathy – you capture expressions, both human and animal, so well.


  5. alicialeeannehoad

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your illustrations.



  6. Your illustrations reflects warm emotions and relaxing atmosphere. wish you all the best.


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