Getting on a bit.

Arnie’s getting old. He’s looking a little less sure of himself these days. He’s only ten.
He even let Bonnie have a sniff without swiping her today but maybe that was simply an act of compassion to those less worthy than himself.
He is a wise old cat after all…
getting on a bit

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  1. It seems the annoying feistiness is the first thing to go and what we miss most forever after.

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  2. Wise or lazy? sometimes it’s hard to spot the difference! xx

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  3. My mum’s cats tended to live into their early twenties, therefore I’d say he is middle aged. We have a ten year old too. He used to disappear into the fields for around 23 hours per day (only appearing for meals), now he spends about 18 hours dozing in the house (usually atop the clean laundry).


  4. He’s a beautiful boy! 🙂


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