I had to take Gruff to the minor injuries unit today as he’d cut open his elbow in the playground at school.
No stitches needed but he has to keep his elbow dry for five days so no showers.
That cheered him up!

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  1. Afcourse he likes the fact he may not shower, really, kids stay kids at all times. I hope it will heal soon!



  2. Ooo no showers? BONUS!!!! 😀 But seriously… I hope he’s feeling a bit better now love. xxx


  3. Yowch! An elbow injury must have hurt. Glad he sees the up side.


  4. Och the puir wee soul!


    • It’s a shame he didn’t land on his bottom, but there again, not everyone knows the difference! Poor Gruff, I hope he gets better soon, and doesn’t get too dirty/smelly in the meantime…for your sake! xx


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