Saw Arnie playing with something in the corner of the dining room this evening. Thought it was a big spider and turned away but then the image of what was actually…

mouth, hit me!


Mouse, after being dropped and picked up by my lovely feline, was still alive albeit a bit dazed.
Mouse was very small, so I scooped him up with one hand and then promptly remembered how one bit me like this a few years ago.

Mouse experienced air travel up the garden before any more harm was done.

If mouse returns then Arnie is welcome to mouse…

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  1. Oh, I did that exact same thing last night except my mousie was placed gently in garden. 😊

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  2. That Girl Over There

    Absolutely delightful.

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  3. “Where’s my mouse, George?”

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  4. please send Arnie my way…weve trapped 7 in the garage in the last 4 days!! where are they coming from?

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    • It’s the time of year for them, as Autumn evenings get colder, they’re looking for food and shelter from the elements and we all have our back doors open due to the lovely weather we’re currently enjoying and in they come….


  5. That made me laugh. I remember our cat bringing in a prize specimen of a baby rat, which he then duly dropped into my husband’s brief case.

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  6. LOL I saw one roaming the corners of our bedroom about ten days ago. Set a trap and forgot about it. This afternoon my boyfriend noted we caught the little guy, and I noted it was a few days ago because he was a bit stinky. Our younger dog has since asked twice to outside only to beg at the trashcan for that stinky tidbit I threw away! Yuck!


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