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A cauldron, pumpkins and an African face mask called Bob. Knock if you dare…
halloween 2015

What goes “Yowl, eek, yowl eek?”

Another live “present” from Arnie. I think my cat is having a mid-life crisis and is busy proving himself at the moment. Nothing beats seeing your dog chase the cat who is chasing a mouse around your living room at nine o’ clock in the evening…
yowl eek




It’s nearly Halloween time and Evie’s narrowed it down to three costumes…
picking out a costume

Story time.

This is a tricky business these days as everyone wants a go at reading the story!
story bedtime


Evie and Gruff have been making their own spooky stuff this afternoon. They made a coffin out of a toilet roll for a wine cork Dracula. Frankenstein was “created” out of an old tampon box and an army of multicoloured wool pom pom spiders have made Arnie’s day.
Now to find the dog and cat under all this …

Doctor cat.

Gruff’s had an unsettled night with growing pains again.
In the midst of crying, we hear a little meow from the door and in prowls Dr cat.
Up he leaps, settles by Gruff’s side, and starts his purring lullaby.
Five minutes later, both are asleep.
Thanks Dr cat.
Dr cat


Evie’s made a little red cape out of paper and now her toy cat possesses awesome super-powers…

I’m not tired.

You so are Gruff…
im not tired

Hair worm.

My vacuum cleaner had one, enormous and two foot long. Forensic reports source its DNA to a cat/dog/human hybrid kind of creature…

hair worm

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