War Dance.

The Rugby World Cup is on at the moment and Wales are currently doing very well for themselves. I felt quite inspired by the New Zealand Haka and the Fiji War Dance.
I thought I’d try a little one myself, great for getting things done around the house…
war dance

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  1. LOL and the day will come one day, that they all wil thank you for all that you ever did when they were this age…. Trust me, mine already said sorry a few times and appoligized to me 😉


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  2. LOL! This war dance will not work to my husband and daughter, pretty sure they will join me to do the dance.

    but i’ll give it a try anyway.


  3. I know that feeling well. – I once threw every misplaced toy/plate/dirty clothes ouf of my son’s bedroom window, when I tired of there being no floor space to walk on. 2 floors up, to the glee of my neighbour across the street!


  4. Sorry, but they look more amused than scared,! . When my daughter was 14, two firemen came to check /fit fire alarms. One looked into her bedroom, where there was no floor visible, and mountains of “stuff” and said, quite seriously…”In the event of a fire, she would not be able to reach the window to escape. She would not get out alive” STILL she wouldn’t clear up- her friends came and forced her to do it!


  5. I’ll try this War Dance today, hope it works😁 greeting from mom with two boys 14 & 16


  6. LOL! I love this doodle! Though the kids look rather amused instead of frightened into submission! I wonder if this will work to get my boyfriend to help me clean up around the house a little more?


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