Happy Birthday.

Evie is eight today. She has a new collection of wild cats and dinosaur books, There is a humongous chocolate cake waiting to be eaten when she gets home from school too.
Happy birthday pipsqueak.
evie is eight

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  1. Happy birthday, Evie! (How often do your kids see your blog?)


  2. Happy Birthday to Evie! ¿Feliz cumpleaños, Evie!


  3. Happy Birthday Evie love, I hope you have a smashing day! Big hug. Sean. xxxxxxxx


  4. Happy Birthday Evie!

    make it a wonderfull day today!



  5. HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY, EVIE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  6. Happy 8th birthday Evie. I hope that she had a wonderful day. 🙂


  7. If you’re really good, I’ll allow you to be eight for a whole year!


  8. Happy birthday Evie! Dinosaurs are awesome!


  9. Happy Birthday Evie! My daughter is mad about cats and dinosaurs too. She also loves guinea pigs. I expect you had an amazing day, have fun being eight! 🙂


  10. p s it was also my mum’s birthday yesterday (the 14th). There are some brilliant people born on that day 🙂


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