Doctor cat.

Gruff’s had an unsettled night with growing pains again.
In the midst of crying, we hear a little meow from the door and in prowls Dr cat.
Up he leaps, settles by Gruff’s side, and starts his purring lullaby.
Five minutes later, both are asleep.
Thanks Dr cat.
Dr cat

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  1. Aaaaaw there’s nothing like a cat’s purr


  2. Yes this always helps, so cuddle the cat some extra today 😉 For what he has done 😀



  3. Every day your pictures and little glimpses into your family life make me smile. You are so fabulous, Angie and if you had not published the book already, there definitely should be (another) one. Nicole


  4. Cats are soothy things. Hang in there Gruff – you’ll soon be needing new clothes!


  5. Ouch, I’d forgotten all about growing pains. Miserable for all. Well done Dr cat .


  6. So sweet. Animals know. Love the artwork too.


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