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Doodlemum’s Advent Calendar.

adventcalendar copyWe all know (especially me) how colouring in is therapeutic so why not colour in our advent wish list this year.

Download this and print it out. I’ll colour in a bit a day, why not join me?

Right click on the image or use this link:

Doodlemum’s advent calendar


Pens and papers.
Harry Yorke of Wales on Sunday has written a lovely article on my family and our adventures.
Thought you might like to see. Thanks for following me. Let’s keep drawing!

Bendy boy.

No one will play twister with Gruff. Can you see why? He is part jellyfish I swear…

bendy boy

Shredding the bedding.

I suppose I should be grateful that it’s not one of Evie’s fluffy toys but what a mess!

shredding the bedding

Living the dream.

And I woke myself up to draw this post. That’s how I roll…tea’s gone cold though…

living the dream

Brush well.

Spot the toothbrush chewer.

brush well


Show off.


Remote control.



Myles and myself are taking it in turns to read James and the Giant Peach to Evie and Gruff each night. You forget what a great story it is. We’re both fighting over whose turn it is to read it!



I’m not tired.

not tiredat all.jpg


soggy doggies


Mollie is my friend’s dog and she’s here for a mini break for a few days. Can’t say Arnie is too impressed by having another dog in the house but Bonnie is made up!


Shame, shame, shame. shame, shame, shame on you…



Worst. Moult. Ever.

When you are six…

You can dance in your onesie while sword-fighting with a roll of wrapping paper after eating a hideous amount of chocolate cake.
when you are six


I’ve been trying to quietly wrap a very shouty Incredible Hulk toy for Gruff’s birthday tomorrow. It’s not going well, Hulk is insisting he has to smash everything and we’re going to have to have words…
hulk smash

New cushions.

This is approximately ten seconds after new cushion was placed on our sofa. This is now Arnie’s cushion.
new cushion


…your animals tonight and tomorrow, they don’t appreciate explosives as much as we do.


Oh the joys of waiting to shake your muddy self until you get into our narrow hallway. Nice one Bonnie…

It’s a plait thing.

plait thing

Uh oh…

…foxy’s back…spotted this silhouette up the back lane.

Autumn leaves…

…are great for hide and seek!
autumn leaves

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