I’ve been trying to quietly wrap a very shouty Incredible Hulk toy for Gruff’s birthday tomorrow. It’s not going well, Hulk is insisting he has to smash everything and we’re going to have to have words…
hulk smash

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  1. Take the batteries out, love… so much easier. 😀 xxx


  2. Ha ha! That reminds me of a time we got my Dad a keyring that beeped when you clapped – to help you find your keys – and for weeks the stocking kept beeping when we made loud noises. It drove us all berserk.


  3. Your blog is so good! Thank you.


  4. Stick him in a box- that will teach him! here’s wishing Gruff a very happy (not too shouty )Birthday for tomorrow xx


  5. Ha typical, love you, I have just started my own blog would
    love it if you would have a look x


  6. If it’s a toy with limbs flailing around at odd angles, I usually stuff it in a pillow case before wrapping. It “smooths” out the bumps.


  7. The Greenwich Mummy

    I had this exact problem with this toy… Had to run to the bathroom and left the tv on loudly in the front room for my little one not to notice.


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