Worst. Moult. Ever.

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  1. Oh dear. Ours looses the feathers of seemingly 5 chooks and still remains covered.


  2. Love your drawings. Sweet AND funny.


  3. Well and truly plucked.


  4. Plucking hell, did is this natural or is there bullying in your hen hut? Get your knitting needles out and make her a jumper….click clack, so she can “cluck cluck” again!


    • It’s a normal moult Wendy, it’s Ninja’s first one, they tend to be the worse and the next one will be less severe.


      • It seems strange that they moult in the winter, when you’d think they need the extra warmth…unless they’re trying to save you a job for Sunday’s roast dinner! (Sorry, such poor taste! x)


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