Pens and papers.
Harry Yorke of Wales on Sunday has written a lovely article on my family and our adventures.
Thought you might like to see. Thanks for following me. Let’s keep drawing!

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  1. Lovely, you are quite talented and I always look forward to your doodles. I think your children will be love the sketches when they are older with their own children. What a legacy to create for them!

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  2. What a lovely article. I always look at your latest blog post over breakfast before I start my day as a primary teacher; such a great celebration of what childhood should be.


  3. Fabulous publicity. I hope lots of jobs and a Welsh publisher are the result., ViV


  4. many congrats a wonderful recognition of your work which i personally love to read each day thankyou and keep up the good work mx


  5. How lovely to meet the lady behind the pen! I really enjoy your doodles 🙂


  6. This was such a great article. Way to go, Angie!


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