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See you next year.

new years eve2015So here we are another Christmas survived.
Arnie has lost another one of his nine lives in an almighty scrap with another cat, he’s bruised and battered but barring the dent in my bank balance, only his pride has suffered.
Bonnie has endured countless soggy dog-walks this holiday as the whole of the United Kingdom has been battered by storms. I can’t see the chickens’ legs for mud.
The house is still bomb site of toys and pine needles and tidying up is the last thing on my mind right now as that can all come next week, (or maybe I’ll hibernate until spring).

See you in 2016.


December the 25th.

Millie’s taken over the blog for today, I love this drawing of her and her brother and sister. Happy Christmas.
dec 25 2015

December the 24th.

dec 24 2015
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, I hope it includes sprouts, they’re a most misunderstood vegetable and my children hate them as equally as Monday mornings.
Thank you for all your comments and likes this year, I will keep drawing. See you around!

December the 23rd.

dec 23 2015

December the 22nd.

dec 22 2015

December the 21st.

dec 21 2015

December the 20th.

Well it’s that or Tardis slippers…
dec 20 2015

December the 19th.

dec 19 2015

December the 18th.

Never, ever trevor is this happening…

dec 18 2015

December the 17th.

dec 17 2015

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