December the 1st.

Hurray for tea! The perfect antidote to a busy day. Mine’s a bucketful!
dec 1 2015

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  1. By the bucket, the only way to drink it!


  2. A good cup of tea can make the world of difference.

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  3. kenyonarcopeland

    I love tea!


  4. I drink it the way the Queen drinks it – I know that’s weird for an anarchist like me, but she and I do share this much. In a warm pot I make it with two bags of Yorkshire Gold (any good ‘English’ tea will do) to one of Twinings Earl Grey. That combination is superb, but do make sure the pot and the cup are both well warmed through.

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  5. Tea from a pot is lovely. I’m more of a decaf woman these days as it’s been superb for cutting out those dark moods. I do prefer English Breakfast Tea at the weekends though with my bacon and eggs.

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  6. I’m delighted by this sketch, a woman raising & celebrating a bucket of tea.

    My latest tea jag for cold mornings


  7. Thanks for this delightful praise of tea. These chilly mornings I brew a strong hot mug of Roobois


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