December the 25th.

Millie’s taken over the blog for today, I love this drawing of her and her brother and sister. Happy Christmas.
dec 25 2015

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  1. Millie has inherited her mother’s talent. Bravo, Millie for a lovely drawing.


  2. I see she’s inherited the art gene. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016!


  3. Aww she’s taking after her mum well done Millie, good job 😀 X



    We are not worthy… we are not worthy…


  5. WOW! Millie, that is an absolutely amazing drawing….I’ve often left comments referring to you as “Marvellous Millie”- I think that should be your official title! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, with lots of books, Jaffa cakes and drawing equipment. You have a very unique style and bags of talent. Bravo, Marvelllous Millie, I hope you have a wonderful year to come! xx


  6. wonderful drawing got your mams talent alright hope you all have a great xmas mxxx


  7. Following in her mothers footsteps, I see!


  8. A girl that is following (with her own splendid and unique style) in her talented mum’s footsteps.
    I have loved all 25 Advent Doodles (looked forward to them each day:). Hope you doodlebugs have had and are continuing to have a great time over the holidays.
    Thank you so much for making the lead up to Christmas, and indeed Christmas day itself, so extra special with your wonderful artwork.

    Magical winter wishes x



  9. thehipandthrifty

    Wow…she’s really quite good; it’s similar to manga but with a style all her own, and she include just the right details to get her point across without cluttering up the picture. Nice work, Millie! 🙂


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