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Rescue me.

Both Arnie and Bonnie come from animal shelters.
Arnie was handed in because his owner’s child had developed an allergy to him and could no longer keep him.

Bonnie had been on quite a journey from Ireland before we had the luck of finding her.

Both live with children, both get on (after a lot of bribery with sausages) with each other  and both are utter sweethearts.

So please, whatever you do, give those rag-tag animals in shelters a try, they won’t ever disappoint you, I promise.

rescue me


Urban sprawl.

Nothing to do?


Just drop to the floor and sprawl. You know it makes sense…

urban sprawl


’twas a muddy walk today, some of us got more mud than we cared for…


Big cat little cat.

Best. Onsie. Ever.

best onsie ever



You know you really love your dog when…

You will take the slobby ball and throw it. Again and again and again and again….

you know youre a dog lover

They see me rolling…

Roller skating, utterly terrifying. I can still remember the feeling of the ground giving way and falling. (I’m still rubbish).

Evie had a particularly hard time of it today.

They see me rolling


Indoor camping.

The bed has been squeezed out of the way for Evie’s sleepover with her friend tonight, I’ve  put them in the tent instead with loads of torches, lamps and lights.
Not sure there’ll be much sleep to be had  judging from the amount of giggling I can hear right now…
indoor camping

Where’s me jumper?

Arnie’s given my jumper added mohair…
wheres my jumper

Sneaky den building.

Sometimes those computer games are no match for building an epic den with every single itme from your bedroom, (and your brother’s)…
sneaky den

The thinking hat.

Reasons Evie likes to do her maths homework in a very large hat.

1). Large hats are cool, very cool.

2). Large hats amplify brainwaves.

3). It keeps unwanted siblings and pets away from the table.

4). No one can spot the stolen jaffa cakes you are secretly scoffing whilst doing maths homework…

maths hat




lounging (2)


So the torrential rain for the last three months has finally given way to freezing cold days, we’ve dug out our winter attire. Rocking the snoods this year although I think Gruff’s may need a little adjusting…



The smell of it fresh from the oven is too much for some of the smaller feline members of our family. The larger ones who carve it, can’t help themselves either…(sorry I ate all the skin again).



I want to put the Christmas lights back up, I really do. Is January over yet? Can I hibernate?



It’s winter, it’s Swansea, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say it rains a fair bit around here.
But no need for a coat. Millie won’t wear one.
She makes me cold looking at her…

Go and put something tidy on.

dress casually


closedGruff has unexpectedly closed. Please restart Gruff. If this does not work please run an overnight re-boot.


bonesBonnie eats bones like I eat jaffa cakes.


january 2016
This early morning rising in the pitch black is always made extra joyful by getting the milk in from the front door in typically delightful Swansea weather.

I fought the tree…

…and this year, (thanks to new super strength garden loppers), I won!

I fought the tree

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